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If you haven’t shipped a car, boat, motorhome, truck or any other type of vehicle between the two countries, it is probably a smart idea to let a professional international shipping company manage all the formalities. But how to find a reliable company for this job? Most of the people these days employ the help of Internet and search engines. But simply selecting from the list of international shipping companies posted on Internet will not solve your problems, unless you know the crucial details and requirements.

























A few questions to ask yourself:

* Are you completely aware of Customs requirements in the country of export and import?
* Do you know which documents are needed to be completed?
* Do you know which shipping method is the most appropriate for your vehicle?
* Have you the knowledge on how to understand and compare shipping rates?

It is very important that you work out the plan from A to Z when you proceed with overseas vehicle shipping. The matter of fact is that VEHICLE SHIPPING is one of the most sophisticated services offered by international shipping companies. Our Company provides reservation, filing cargo declarations, container loading, inland transportation and overseas ocean freight services. For this reason, it is really important to choose a company you can rely on to complete all these tasks properly. By doing this, each customer can save time and money by relying on the professional companies that provide international vehicle shipping from USA to countries around the world.

Delivery options used in International Vehicle Shipping:
Most of the international shipping companies offer various delivery modes. These delivery modes include Port to Port, Door to Port, Door to Door and other variations. Make sure to check for the available services to your destination as it makes transportation an easier task.

When you intend to have your vehicle shipped from USA to another country, it is important that you have an understanding on vehicle shipping costs. Generally vehicles can be shipped via 2 major methods: Container Service and Roll-on-Roll-off Service.

With the container method the vehicles will be packed inside a 20′ Std or 40′ High Cube ocean container. Sometimes it can be most convenient and economical way to ship cars from USA. However this service is not always the best or the cheapest. Also for large vehicle like a motorhome, camping trailer or commercial truck – regular ocean container is jut not big enough.

Since RO-RO vessels are designed to specifically handle different types of vehicles then this option may workd better for your type of shipment. RO-RO shipping price will be based on overall volume of your vehicle in cubic feet (CBF) or cubic meters (CBM) which is calculated based on measurements Length by Width by Height.

If you’re a novice in international vehicle shipping or if you have been involved in export-import for some time – we will certainly welcome the opportunity to quote on your business and provide the expert advice you may need.