Boat Shipping To France

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If you desire to use the services of a transport company for boat shipping to France, you should look for a company that has the know-how, all the tools and connections to serve you better. Our company’s main purpose is making certain your boat arrives to you safe and sound. Another thing to look at when considering boat shipping to France is the price. It is possible to find a company that will do the job for less money while at the same time offering great service. Our company has the specialists who have been in the boat shipping to France business for many years and have valuable experience.

Boat Shipping to France from USA


Why ship a boat to France
Geographically, France is characterized by a vast opening to the sea. In this country, approximately 885 municipalities benefit because of having direct access to the sea. These municipalities represent about 4 percent of the metropolitan area. Around 11 regions out of 22 have coastal areas. It is no wonder then that boat shipping to France is one of the booming industries. The most common reason individuals use boat shipping to France services in this country is leisure.

People need the services of boat shipping to France in order to transport their boats from USA or other countries. USA, for example, is famous globally for quality manufacturing of boats. In fact, most boat shipping to France is done from USA. Approximately, 24,000 boats were registered in France in the year 2008, and thousands more continue to be registered each year. Boat shipping to France generates millions of Euros each year, making it one of the major industries in the country.

Boat classification
When it comes to boat production in USA and Europe, currently there is no generally accepted or uniform classification. There is also no clear segmentation of the boat shipping to France market. Depending on information purpose and sources, middle-sized and small-sized boats can be classified in most instances according to these categories:
+ Boat purpose, either personal or economic
+ Length of the boat
+ Main propulsion type, yacht or motor boat
+ Type of hull, for instance the material used, or if it comes with or without a cabin.
+ Standard International Trade Classification and other Custom regulations