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Boat shipping to Germany covers almost any size of boat from small canoes to a large luxury yacht. The services are mostly considered by people who would want to enjoy water voyaging in other parts of the world or people that can purchase their boat in USA and need to transport it to their native countries. Depending on the distance, boats can be shipped in several ways. One can either use overland transportation methods, semi submersible ships, roll-on roll-off, container shipment or deck cargo. Small boats can be transported overland using private or commercial trailers which largely depend on the boats size. If you have a larger boat, it is considered appropriate to ship it on a commercial trailer for professional care.

international Boat Shipping to Germany from USA


A lot of companies offering boat shipping to Germany use the regular container ships. These mainly transport cargo but can also be used for boat transportation. The cargo will be loaded in the hull of the ship, while the yacht or boat is transported above on a flat-rack container. With semi-submersible boat transportation, the boat or yacht is loaded offshore or from the water. However, this method of transportation can be inconveniencing where one is in the rush to transport the boat. For smaller boats you should consider enclosed container shipment or roll-on roll-off. For convenience, it is advisable to look for a company offering boat shipping to Germany. If you ship the boat by yourself, you are most likely to experience technical problems which are best handled by professionals.

When selecting a boat shipping to Germany Company, it is important to consider some factors. It should be able to make deliveries on time, offer its services at an affordable fee and take good care of your boat during transportation. For assurance, you can consider calling some of the contact references provided by the company in its quotes; companies which hesitate to give contact references should be avoided since they are most likely hiding feedback from unsatisfied or angry customers. You should also check to see that the company you select has a comprehensive insurance cover which guarantees the recovery of your boat if anything happens.

The cost of transporting a boat mainly depends on the size and route of the ships than the distance.  It is easier to transport smaller boats and consequently, companies charge less for them.  Companies however charge expensive fees for large boats due to liabilities and the skill required to ship them. Whichever the case, always consider the right transportation method and more import a reliable company each time you want to ship a boat.