Boat Shipping to UK

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Some people have a perception that boat transport services from one country to another are for those with deep pockets. Well, eventually, this is not true. Lots of people choose boat shipping to UK from USA and it’s actually not that expensive. Many people opt to buy a new or used boat in USA and then ship it to UK because it’s still cheaper than buying a boat locally in UK.

Boat Shipping to UK from USA


Here are some advantages of boat shipping to UK for both exporters from USA and importers in UK:

1. Finding a Good Boat in USA:
For some people it may be quite scary to buy and ship a boat all the way from USA. It is quite obvious that a destination that is far away from your current place will be a bit stressful. However, USA market offers a lot of choices of new and used boats for very competitive prices, they are much cheaper than in the UK.

2. Choosing the Shipping Company:
Generally, the shipping companies can offer 2 methods for shipping a boat to UK from USA: ocean container and roll-on roll-off. Roll-on roll-off is the preferred method as it minimizes the port handling on both ends. However, you may be forced to use a container service if ro/ro service is not available from the particular area in USA.

3. Determining the Shipping Costs
Another big benefit is that boat shipping cost to UK from USA is not that expensive. There are a few vessel operators servicing this route and they keep the prices affordable. Also, if you’re shipping your boat from the ports on the East Coast in USA – the transit time to UK is only 2 weeks.

Hence, boat shipping to UK from USA is not only cost-effective, but a comfortable solution too for the boat buyers.