Truck Shipping To New Zealand

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When considering truck shipping to New Zealand, there are things involved you should learn and processes . In most cases, truck shipping to New Zealand is done in two major ways:

1. Roll on Roll off Shipping
These ships carry these vehicles under their decks. They normally are not exposed to water or any other external element. In this method of truck shipping to New Zealand, movements are minimized during shipping. However, you should ensure that all personal items are removed.

2. 40ft or 20 ft container shipping
Truck shipping to New Zealand could also involve 40 or 20ft. container shipping methods. The trucks and parts are protected and lashed on a container that has an opened top. All movements within the ship are minimized during the shipping.

Truck Shipping To New Zealand


It is important to know and follow all the guides required when truck shipping to New Zealand. The following are the major factors to consider when doing this:

* You should have personal ownership of the truck and used it for at least a year.
* In truck shipping to New Zealand, you should be at the final destination when the truck arrives. In addition to this, you should possess certification from the local authority for identification like a passport or visa.
* You should pay all the required taxes to the authorities. This tax is calculated in various ways.
* Before truck shipping to New Zealand, you will have to get clearance from the Customs. They will charge you for the services offered like cleaning the truck hence it is important to get rid of unnecessary items.
* The ministry of agriculture normally takes inspections in truck shipping to New Zealand. This should make you be thorough when cleaning your truck. In addition, a structural inspection involves all vehicles. This is done in truck shipping to New Zealand, especially if it is for the first time in shipping.
* Your truck should have all legislation. This involves all certification, registration and appropriate licensing. All imported vehicles have to go through entry certification.

With these in check, you can now be involved in truck shipping to New Zealand. The processes involved to include:

1. Preparing for the shipment – this is by doing the mentioned above in addition to other responsibilities you are to take.
2. Importing – it is important to note that in truck shipping to New Zealand, most of the worst things could happen on sea. This fear could be easily eliminated by choosing a company wisely. This will guarantee you of safety.
3. Payments – you should find out how exactly you are going to be paying for the deposit and balances.

With the above information, you could now decide to go for the truck shipping to New Zealand.