Truck shipping to United Arab Emirates

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Truck shipping to United Arab Emirates is easier than in other many Arab countries. For instance, aside from the tinted glasses which can disqualify your endeavors on truck shipping to United Arab Emirates, there is no prohibition meaning that you can ship old vintage or new line of trucks. Although the lifting of prohibition and shipping qualifications in this country may address your need towards starting a similar business, you also need to know that any vehicle shipped including truck shipping to United Arab Emirates from the United States or other countries are dutiable as well as taxed. But in case of diplomatic related shipments, if a permit was issued by the government on the same case, they may be allowed to enter on those exceptions.

truck Shipping To UAE from usa


What to consider during shipping trucks to United Arab Emirates
The following factors dictate your duties as the consignee during truck shipping to United Arab Emirates from the US or even from other countries:
+ The customs agency needs the documentation that reflects the registration certificate of the truck back in the US
+ Proof of ownership where in this case, the title deed is a requirement as well as an original invoice copy of the truck
+ Certificate that describes the origin of the truck
+ Papers that show whether the truck was insured or not
+ Papers that show the residence of the consignee as well as his or her contact details.

Shipping a Truck to United Arab Emirates
When you compare truck shipping to United Arab Emirates versus other imports, you will realize that shipping vehicles, where in this case include trucks and boats and other automobiles like motorcycles, for personal use is a lot easier than shipping those meant to be used commercially. This is because special or additional permits may be requested at port during clearing and forwarding of the shipment.

Shipping your truck to U.A.E. should be conducted under great scrutiny as there are laws that prohibit people from shipping certain products like drugs hidden in the trucks. Proper screening is done prior to shipping as well as at the dock when offloading the truck, and if any evidence of malpractice during truck shipping to United Arab Emirates is witnessed, the authorities have the right to confiscate the truck until further notice. To understand what is required when shipping your truck to the UAE from the US, it is better to contact their Embassy back in the US for more information.