Vehicle shipping to Belgium

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Less than 10% of the population of the world owns vehicles. This is a figure that is estimated not taking into account that there are several people who own more than one vehicle, which means that is a figure is much lower that 10%. Several people use vehicles because this is the most common means of transport from one area to another. It is therefore, common experience for vehicle owners to ship their vehicles to the different areas. Vehicle shipping to Belgium is a practice that is undertaken by several vehicle owners in one year.

Vehicle Shipping to Belgium from USA


Methods used for vehicle shipping to Belgium

+ Vehicle shipping to Belgium by air
Using air transport is a form of vehicle shipping to Belgium that is fast and effective. This is because air transport is one of the fastest forms of transport. This ensures that you can get the vehicle speedily although this is done at a cost that is much higher that the cost of vehicle shipping to Belgium by other means like water transport. This method of vehicle shipping to Belgium is also one that is not prone to delays. If they occur, it is easy to get another flight that is departing t the same destination in a short while.

+ Vehicle shipping to Belgium using water transport
This is one of the most common means of vehicle shipping to Belgium. This is because of the reduced cost of vehicle shipping to Belgium using water transport. This form of transport is also convenient and safe because you can be able to transport some other things along with the vehicle.

This is usually achieved in two ways. These are:

1. Containerized vehicle shipping
In this case, the vehicle is put in a container for shipping. This can be achieved by driving the vehicle to the port where it is loaded into the container. It is also possible to get the container delivered to the premises and lowered so that the vehicle can be loaded and secured into it. This is usually more expensive than taking the car to the port personally although it is more convenient.

2. Ro-Ro vehicle shipping
This is a form of water shipping where the vehicle is rolled onto the vessel at the point of departure in USA and rolled off in Belgium. One of the major disadvantages when this method is used is that all the personal effects have to be removed for the shipping to take place.