Vehicle Shipping To Chile

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In general, importing vehicles to Chile is prohibited, thus vehicle shipping to Chile has to be of only new ones. However, two zones in the country are exempted in this law, which does not permit the importation of used cargo and passenger transport vehicles. One can import and sell vehicle in these two free zones but any sale or vehicle shipping to Chile in other zones is illegal and one receives heavy penalties for violating the law.

Even so, the government allows vehicle shipping to Chile of special cars such as towing vehicles and ambulances. Chile has one of the highest numbers of cars in the world with about 97 vehicles for every 100 people.

Vehicle Shipping To Chile


Why buy a new car
Because of this law, most people who do vehicle shipping to Chile opt to purchase only new cars from overseas. Even though making purchase of a new car is a major investment, there are numerous good reasons to take the expense. When purchasing a new car you have the opportunity to consider a broad range of services for vehicle shipping to Chile. Buying a new car gives you the opportunity to
+ Choose your own color
+ Add the latest gadgets and accessories
+ Has the latest technological system
+ For instance, you can choose between cloth and leather upholstery
+ You can change the audio system or ad high-tech gadgets of communication, entertainment and navigation

Why it is vital to find a good company
It is highly important to find a credible vehicle transport company that will do your vehicle shipping to Chile, before you order the car. This will give the company sufficient time to prepare for the sensitive task of vehicle shipping to Chile. For instance, if you order a truck, they will need to have a carrier ready that is big enough to accommodate your truck’s size, weight and height. It is also advisable to deal with the shipping company directly and avoid the use of intermediaries who will complicate your process of vehicle shipping to Chile.

The government’s law to prohibit vehicle shipping to Chile of used cars makes a lot of sense. While used cars seem to cost less, they are usually several years old and this could lead to many accidents on the road. Another disadvantage of used cars is that owners may pay higher interest rates even though they bought them cheaply. A used car may also get damaged easily during the vehicle shipping to Chile as compared to a new car. Used cars also do not come with the latest technology, in entertainment, navigation, comfort and security.