Vehicle Shipping To France

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One of the biggest challenges individuals face when relocating to France is how to handle vehicle shipping to France. Nevertheless, it is possible to find an auto company that will tailor their relocation and transportation to meet your deadline, whether port-to-port or door-to-door. Vehicle shipping to France normally takes 3-4 weeks. Our Shipping Company ships autos and cars in individual containers but we also allow partial containers for household items. We are available 24 hours a day all year round. You should contact a shipping agent to discuss your needs of vehicle shipping to France. You can be certain that the agent is sufficiently trained and certified.

Vehicle Shipping to France from USA


Vital vehicle facts
Immatriculation is the process of registering a vehicle in the country, once you are done with the process of vehicle shipping to France. Before you can commence the process of vehicle shipping to France from USA, it is vital to have some facts regarding vehicles in the country.

Some of these facts are:
+ Once your vehicle has cleared with Customs, the law strictly requires you to register it under a French domestic license plate. This process should be done within four months after vehicle shipping to France.
+ The French use the metric system and issue all speed limits in Kilometers per hour.
+ You will be required to obtain a certificate called the Carte Grise, which is a gray card controlled by the Department of the area you live.
+ In France, traffic officers issue on the spot fines. Make certain the officer collecting the fine issues you with an official receipt.
+ Automobiles drive on the left side of the road.
+ Vehicle and motorhome import taxes are charged at 10 percent, while motorcycles are charged at 9 percent and trailers at 5.3 percent.
+ You will need to pay a 19.6 percent VAT tax.

What to leave with the delivery company
Before our shipping company can commence the vehicle shipping to France, you will need to leave several items with us including:
+ Keys to your vehicle – You should make a spare key to the trunk, ignition, gas cap and any locked compartments, for the shipping company to use.
+ Vehicle title and registration – This document will be necessary in order to clear your vehicle out of the ports.
+ Authorization from the owner – If you are not the owner of the vehicle you are shipping, you should have an authorization letter from the owner.