Vehicle Shipping to New Zealand

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Vehicle shipping to New Zealand should not be a hassle anymore as it was traditionally. The following should help you when you consider shipping your vehicle.

Today, it is easy to find a free online service that will give you advice on vehicle shipping services to New Zealand. Our services provided help you save on time and money and could enable you to use an affordable and reliable shipper. We advise that you book your shipping at least two weeks before the intended date of shipping. However, it is possible to do your vehicle shipping to New Zealand on a shorter notice.

Vehicle Shipping to New Zealand


It is important to find out approximately how long it will take for vehicle shipping to New Zealand. This is without considering weather, traffic, distances between delivery and pick up that will affect the transporting time.

You should make certain that your vehicle is insured. This enables it to be legal and permitted by authorities. It is important that you get to see the certificate of an insurance copy to prove. Additionally, in vehicle shipping to New Zealand, you should go through the terms and conditions of the agreement made to check the areas you are covered.

Before choosing a transporter, you should ensure that your vehicle is licensed. This ensures that you are safe with the authorities when vehicle shipping in New Zealand. It is also advantageous to you.

When vehicle shipping to New Zealand, you should prepare the vehicle appropriately. In the case where the shipping is done in a cold season, then you should consider winterizing by adding antifreeze. You should mend brokerages and secure items like the antennae. In addition, you should disconnect anti-theft and alarm systems. All car bras and covers should be removed in the case of open car transport. Some companies that do vehicle shipping to New Zealand allow you to store items in the vehicle. However, most of them do not allow this.

You should know if your vehicle is going to be delivered to a terminal or the transporters offer door-to-door. Most of the terminals are insured and fully licensed terminal shipping is cheaper than door-to-door vehicle shipping to New Zealand.

The forms of payment should be highly considered too. Some companies involved in vehicle shipping to New Zealand accept credit cards, cash and other certified payment forms. This is for both the deposit and balance.

In the case where your vehicle is inoperable, you could still be offered this service. In this case, however, an additional fee will be charged for the extra transport and labor.