Vehicle shipping to Nigeria

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What makes vehicle shipping to Nigeria easy? Is it the company you choose or the measures you take to ensure that the vehicle arrives to its destination safe and sound? There are many ports in Nigeria, when vehicle shipping to Nigeria from the US, you need to have credible information regarding those ports, and which best favors the lists of vehicle shipping options to Nigeria you may choose. However, unlike shipping to most other countries, vehicle shipping to Nigeria tends to follow certain rules with things such as:
+ Information regarding Nigerian based companies
+ The measurements of the shipping container
+ Marine insurance

Vehicle shipping to nigeria from usa


Generally, if you have a business back in Nigeria and feel importing a vehicle from the US is a necessity, the shipment can arrive to you in different ways, but most of the commonly used is the container and roll-on roll-off. Vehicle shipping to Nigeria from the USA has been practiced for several years with successful execution. As a matter of fact, this is one of the common trends that haven’t been affected by globalization so far. In some cases, different shipments may require licenses and or permits to be released by the authorities to the owner, which means that being in contact with the Nigerian customs department may help out.

Generally, the Nigerian customs may have the right to confiscate any product or goods without the right licenses or permits. The same case applies when vehicle shipping to Nigeria, where documentations such as:
+ Local import duties
+ Permits and licenses
Those are meant to avoid barriers towards access to your shipped vehicle after successful clearing and forwarding at the port.

When vehicle shipping to Nigeria, protection is necessary and this is done through marine insurance. Mostly, you can ensure that you safeguard your shipment by choosing a licensed company by the federal government. In the USA, vehicle shipping to Nigeria and other international countries is not allowed if a company doesn’t possess this insurance. The sea is unpredictable, while waves could capsize the ship leading to total loss, something that rarely or never happens, the pirates may decide to make an ambush and offload the containers in other ships.

If you chose a company protected by insurance, compensation will be coming your way and hence wouldn’t feel like you lost anything, either way, container measurements and container number are also other details that need to be taken into consideration so that it can easily be identified at the port when vehicle shipping to Nigeria.